SOL Day 28: the zoo

He said in passing a month or two ago, next time you go to the zoo, I wouldn’t mind tagging along.

Of course I agreed since he was generous enough to sponsor our membership for McKenna’s first birthday. I didn’t think much of it until he mentioned it this past weekend when I was talking about spring break plans.

So, after verifying the weather, we set plans to pick him up around 9:15. It was going to be our adventure. I would be accompanying an infant, a toddler, and one 89 year old Great Grandpa to Brookfield Zoo on what was sure to be their busiest day since zoo lights. It was the only decent weather day we had over the break so I was certain we weren’t the only ones with this brilliant idea.

He was ready when I pulled into the driveway…just short of with bells on I would say. It was clear he was excited to go. McKenna asked him what animals he wanted to see. They both agreed on an itinerary that included the bears, big cats, penguins, and dolphins. After setting up the double stroller, rechecking for snacks and diapers, we were off.

We crossed each thing off their list plus a few bonus animals before taking our seats at the dolphin show. None of us realized we were just outside the splash zone. Luckily we stayed mostly dry. McKenna laughed and giggled as she grabbed Great Grandpa’s hand.

Didja see that? Didja see the jumpin’ dolphin, Grandpa?

I sure did, Sweetie Pie.

Those two were mesmerized.

After a rather crowded lunch in the snack bar and the obligatory picture in front of the sign, all of my adventurers were starting to fade. The littles dozed off on the ride home as Great Grandpa and I fell into a comfortable conversation about the inner workings of the CTA.

As he exited the car, he craftily set up our next adventure: If you ever want to head to the Museum of Science and Industry, I wouldn’t mind tagging along.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



  1. This sounds like such a great day! And seeing all of the smiles only confirms that everyone had a great time! Your ending line is so perfect! I definitely think another outing is in the works. An aside: When I was a little girl, more than 50 years ago, we made the trip to see my grandmother in Chicago every summer. We almost always went to the Brookfield Zoo and to the Museum.


  2. Damn you. I’m crying. You brought me back to my kids’ great grandparents and how fun it was to see the elderly and babies both act like kids. This is so precious. Really. These are days you’ll remember the most for the rest of your life. Love the pics. Love the post. LOVE the memories your stirred up of my own. Thanks for writing it. ❤️


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