Day 16: snow


I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge

It snowed the other day.  And although it is March, this is Chicago so it isn’t that unusual.  Snow happens and the world moves on.  I have always loved the snow, especially if I do not have to go anywhere.  Somehow the neighborhood seems quieter and warmer as if it is insulated.

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Million Dollar Dog

Cooper and Zoë on the way to get haircuts!! Cooper and Zoë on the way to get haircuts!!

My mom would have found today both infuriating and funny.  Today, Cooper and Zoë were taken to the groomer for their grooming appointment.  Nothing gets those two happier than the word HAIRCUT…except maybe w-a-l-k.  I’m even afraid to type that one for fear they can read.  They will mow me over for a chance to go out on their leashes.  And the car?!  Forget about it.  Those two would love nothing more than a long road trip with the windows down!!

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