SOL Day 1: soundly sleeping

G Sleeping

It’s dark and dreary and way too comfortable in my extremely comfortable and ridiculously overpriced bed when the alarm wakes me from a dead-to-the-world kind of slumber.¬† Continue reading


Day 18:  sleep

I am writing for the Two Writing Teacher March Writing Challenge

It is late. 

My eyelids are heavy but they won’t rest. 

My body is weary but my brain will not shut down. 

Tomorrow is busy but that does not motivate the sleep that doesn’t want to come.  

I think too much.  

Shutting down my brain has never been easy. 

Every noise is a distraction. 

Every sliver of light is blinding.

From the comfort of my bed, I say a silent prayer for sleep to come.

Finally, it overtakes me and I drift off to quiet peace.