2023 SOL: 14 nervous butterflies

Why am I so nervous? I do public speaking all the time. I’ve given countless trainings over the years. I can do a lot of them with my eyes closed. Most of them last 3 hours or so. This one is just over an hour. It should be easy.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never presented on this specific topic. That’s probably it. Maybe I’m scared I’m going to mess up the live demo. That’s possibly it. Maybe it’s because this is a group of my peers. My highly talented and some nationally recognized peers. I really think that’s like it.

I actually feel a bit nauseated. This is ridiculous. Calm yourself.

It begins and I find my rhythm. Everything seems to be going well. I start the live demo and pray it all goes to plan. Nothing would be more embarrassing than plugging in the toy and it not working. It’s all going great. My drill was being stubborn at one point but eventually it worked after I laughed it off. The demo was a success. Even my rigged secondary camera setup gave no problems. I had to punt a little towards the end to stretch time by showing off some of my additionally adapted toys but it was fine. No major screw ups.

Kicking old school back to remote learning. I rigged up an iPad duck taped to the top of a crate for a secondary camera. I live demonstrated hard wiring switch adapting a toy.

I think people enjoyed it. I seemed to have gotten some good immediate feedback. Next time I won’t be nearly as nervous. Now I just get to sit back and watch the last two sessions of the day.

I am writing for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


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