2023 SOL: 12 Covid baby goes out into the world

In the middle of January it was just viral. But then it turned into that won’t lie down, can only sleep while sitting up with his head on Mommy’s shoulder thing. Tell tale signs of a raging ear infection.

Make that a double.

Day eight of that antibiotic and a brand new high fever hits with a hand down the throat.

Call doctor, Mama.

It’s just viral. How can you get a new infection while actually on an antibiotic? Three days later we are back again with a rash all over his arms and legs. It’s still just viral.

It is now mid February and Mommy has PTSD from this time exactly 3 years ago when we went through all this with his big brother. It absolutely cannot be another kiddo with PFAPA. Could it? His symptoms all look so different. We better start documenting all this.

Mommy goes away for a long weekend. Everyone is healthy. Giving that littlest a hug when I get home, I can feel the heat radiating from his little body. That fever hits hard again. With the hand down his throat. And some tugs to the right ear for good measure.

Ear hurt. Call doctor, Mama.

They say it doesn’t look like strep. His throat is fine. His ears are clear. I tell them I want the test. All of them, if you please.

It is, in fact strep. He lovingly shares it with his big sister. This is so much fun.

We finish antibiotics for the oldest and youngest. We are good. Nothing can stop us now! Sleepovers all around Mom and Dad are having a date night. And a bonus night.


FIL: He has a 103.8* fever. I have no meds.

Me: We are on our way.

Meds. Cuddles. Repeat.

Oh yea. And we lost an hour of sleep, too. This sucks.

They say it doesn’t look like strep. His throat is fine. His ears are clear. I tell them I want the test. All of them, if you please. It’s like deja vu.

Another round of a different antibiotic. He hates it. Gagging ensues. Home from daycare tomorrow. Shuffling of sitters. Another few sleepless nights.

When will he get a break?

I am writing x for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Your poor little one! I hope that he is having a rough winter, out in the world of germs, and not another case of PFAPA. Maybe you have an asymptomatic strep carrier lurking in your house? My mom kept giving my stepfather strep and it took two years for the doctors to figure out that if the non-sick person took the antibiotics, everyone would get well! (It worked, too!)


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