2023 SOL: 1 The Welcome Wagon

My name is Karyn. And you? Are you new here or have we met before? This is my seventh year slicing. Are you slicing this year? What? You don’t know what slicing is? Let me enlighten you!

Each year, educators from near and far gather together in this virtual space to share a slice of their life each and every day for the month of March. I started doing it after I saw the work of our third grade students in the hallway. If a third grader can slice, how hard can it be?

Well. Let me tell you. It is hard. Like really hard. Coming up with something new and exciting to talk write about day after day while simultaneously working and raising three kids can be a bit daunting. And we are just at the brainstorming part. Then you need to actually put it all into word on the [web]page. Editing and rewrites suck up additional time. It is a time consuming endeavor that I both look forward to and try to avoid annually.

Yet I come back year-after-year for the sense of community. I have virtually met some really amazing people during this challenge. I have spilled my heart to the internet in the hopes that they don’t laugh at me. I love reading what my other slicers have to write and catch up on their goings on after 11 months away from each other. For most people, this is the only interaction with them I have all year. Would they miss me if I were to just disappear? I know I would miss them. I look forward to seeing them in my reader and get excited when their new post email lands in my inbox. So I keep coming back.

If you are new or just want to get caught up, we still have three lovely children who are part feral at times. They are the lights of my life even if they are also the bane of my existence. My husband is the duct tape that keeps us all together. We love our family time and treasure it above all else…except maybe mommy’s alone time. I was a classroom teacher for 20 years before making the transition to transient itinerant staff. I am now the assistive technology specialist for my Cooperative. I love my job and the people I work with.

My Family

As always, I commit to writing everyday as long as it continues to be fun. If it becomes a chore, I will likely take the day off so that I can return renewed and ready to share. Thank you for reading. Please drop me a comment to let me know that you are here. Leave your own blog handle so that I can read what you have been up to. It’s so nice to meet you.

I am writing for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Children as the light of your life and bane of your existence- husband as duct tape- wonderful writing! Thanks for the welcome wagon post, I hope it encourages others. I agree with you about community and the thrill of receiving feedback in your inbox. Here’s to a great march!

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  2. “we still have three lovely children who are part feral at times. They are the lights of my life even if they are also the bane of my existence. My husband is the duct tape that keeps us all together.”

    YES!!! I’m dying 😆😆😆 That’s good stuff right there. If only this slice world could feel how truly warm and wonderful your feral little humans are in real life too. They are the best. Happy to see you back here again this year, though how the hell is it already March?!


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