SOL 22: springing in

Early spring day always brighten my mood. I Like to open the windows and let the fresh air in. I leave the window open at night. The cool breeze helps me sleep like a baby. Then the early morning sun shining through the break in the curtains helps me to wake up with a smile. How can you not be happy on mornings like that?

Today was that day. We spent some time outside. I gave my husband and oldest son haircuts. Of course, the little guy still has his long locks. George and Aaron both prefer theirs to be cut quite short. McKenna and I did face masks to pamper our skin and get it ready for summer. It really was a very nice day.

Dinner consisted of hamburgers and potato salad. Everyone ate. Can you believe that? I didn’t make 4 different meals. Everyone had a cheeseburger. Well, McKenna had a plain cheeseburger which is really just code for cheese on a bun. But I didn’t have to make something different so I’ll take that as a win.

a delicious first day of spring dinner

McKenna even helped me make rice crispy treats…something I hadn’t done in probably 20 years. Why don’t I make them more often? They are SO good. McKenna said she thinks she can even make them herself next time. Go for it, girl.

SO good

We got shit done around the house and relaxed a little. George volunteered to clean his room and gather all the shoes throughout the house. McKenna picked up the basement and helped Aaron do a few things outside. Even Theo was a ray of sunshine today.

I think everyone’s moods were lightened by such a beautiful day. And tomorrow will be even nicer. I’m hoping that we can enjoy these longer daylight hours and warmer weather. I hope Mother Nature hasn’t tricked us into a Spring of Deception. Based on my allergies, I would guess we are firmly in The Pollening. I’ll be keeping my snow brush in my car just in case, though. You should, too. Because if you take it out, you have guaranteed 8-10 more inches of snow. Don’t be that guy.

I am writing for the 15th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Love opening the windows after winter. Today was a perfect breeze mingling with the warm sunshine filtering in while dozing on the couch. I had one who’d have a cheese dog without the dog, so cheese on a bun. And I’ll send you my recipe for confetti squares-same treats but with like 3 cereals. Ps that dinner looks delicious.

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  2. Yes. The early signs of spring really are the best. One of my faves is hearing the birds chirp outside our window to slowly wake me up from my slumber. Not having to make four different meals? Major win! Oh gosh, don’t get me started in rice krispy treats. I’ll eat the entire pan within a day. hahah! D-lish!


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