SOL 22: Welcome…and blah, blah, blah

It’s been a year since we have all gathered in this familiar space. We come to bare our souls to each other and the public at large. We revisit with old friends and find new ones. We catch up on each other’s lives. Who has a new baby? Who is newly married…or divorced? Who has moved homes or classrooms? Who has left teaching entirely and is just still lurking out there?

This is where I should reintroduce myself. Or introduce myself if you are new to these parts. I am Karyn. I am a way over educated former teacher turned assistive technology specialist. I love to learn–hence the over educated part. I would go to school learning new things each semester if it was socially acceptable to be a perpetual student in the formal fashion. I am a mom of three beautiful kiddos who just won’t quit growing no matter how much I try to make them stop. I am the wife to my own little computer nerd who is my best friend and an amazing father. We are a party of 5 and it is perfection.

Family photo taken by the very talented Sarah Brianne of Sarah Brianne Photography

Except it is not always perfection because we are not perfect. We are messy and neat.

Tired and rested.

Hungry and satisfied.

Sad and happy.

Boring and fun.

We are everything here, there and in between.

We love hard and play hard and unfortunately, we sometimes fight hard.

On a personal note, I love to cook and read. Those are the two things that bring me the most joys outside of my little family. They also bring me the biggest headaches–both literally and figuratively. My kitchen is my happy place for doing both of these activities. I prefer to do them alone but often have a little one hanging on me while trying to enjoy my hobbies.

This month, my goal is to share with you little snippets of my life while I power through it as a working mom and wife. I hope you will stop in from time-to-time to see what’s going on. Leave a note to let me know you were here. Let me know your blog so I can check it out. I can’t wait to read all my old and news friends all month long. This is called Slice of Life. It is exactly like it sounds. But in March we slice daily as a challenge to write and write and write…31 times over the course of as many days. It is hard but fun. I enjoy doing it every year. I hope to complete the challenge this year rather than tuckering out as I did last year…more on that later in the month. S stick around and read. I would love to get to know you all.

I am writing for the 15th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Your entire piece made me smile. I loved how well you captured the start of this challenge by asking who has a new baby? or Who is newly married? It’s very true. March 1st is always like we are re-entering our virtual school building after summer vacation.


  2. It’s good to see you back here again! My hope is also to get back to slicing every day, which really fell apart for me last year. As I recall, with both were dealing with sick kids. Hopefully, everyone will be much healthier this year!


  3. Hi I’m Brit. Nice to re-meet you 😉

    What a simple and smart way to start off the month! I’ve never thought to do something like this before but I love it and will probably steal this idea. Thankyouverymuch. Back to your writing here though, obvs I’ve known you my whole life but that doesn’t mean I know what’s in your head these days. Or the things that are filling up your heart as of late. I do know you’ve made some big changes professionally and big changes have entered your family via the covid baby I’ve yet to meet but makes me laugh when I see him and those flowing locks on the IG! Karyn, this is smart and fresh. I like it. Keep at it. And don’t for a second give yourself shit for “tuckering out” last year. So what. Life happens. You’re back this March and that’s awesome!

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