SOL21 Day 6: top secret meeting

McKenna padded into our room a few nights ago with this note. If you don’t read kindergartner, it says: McKenna needs you. Top secret meeting.

I had forgotten about it until she reminded me last night before bed that she was setting up for our secret meeting. I had no idea what this was going to be about. When she woke me at 7am today, I wasn’t thrilled. She had set up her remote learning space with two chairs, two coasters (one for my coffee and one for her water), four scrunchies in case we needed to put in piggy buns, and her pencil and paper. This was a very official meeting space indeed. Probably the most official one I have seen in almost a year.

our conference table

We brought the baby into her room because he had no where else to go. She started the meeting. It seemed that she didn’t have an agenda and was running this thing off the cuff.

We have been reading chapter books every night, most recently finishing Nancy Clancy Secret Admirer. Spoiler alert here: Nancy and her BFF Bree use the clubhouse as the headquarters to plot a Valentine’s Day rendezvous between the babysitter and guitar teacher. McKenna was very into the drama this particular book brought to life for her. So during our meeting, McKenna asked me a series of questions. I needed to answer with either I can do it or I cannot do it. She very officially recorded my answers with a series of check marks.

  1. Can you write a love poem?
  2. Can you sign it Love, Your Secret Admirer
  3. Can you be sneaky?
  4. Can you be the sneakiest you’ve ever been in your entire life?
  5. Can you throw things at Daddy? 😳

I answered I can do it to all of the questions and then she put me to work. She made me write, in romantic cursive aka Fancy Nancy style, her dictated love poems. I had to help her with one of them because she had 7 pieces of paper but only 6 ideas.

thanks for the inspiration, Seinfeld

She numbered the letters and began hiding them around the house: next to his pillow, in the bathroom, next to the coffee pot, on the counter, next to his chair at the kitchen table…

one of the 7 secret admirer poems she has strategically hidden around the house

Apparently, she thinks Daddy and I need a secret date tonight. She has planned for us to watch a movie on TV. I shall wear my purple PJs. Daddy can wear whatever he likes. If only she and her brothers would go to bed at a reasonable time so we could watch an entire movie before falling asleep. It’s sweet though. We shall see if her plan works.

I am writing for the 2021 Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST, SWEETEST THING I’VE EVER READ. Like seriously, I may explode from the adorableness. The forethought to plan all of this. The secret meeting setup with coaster and scrunchies. The ideas she came up with. You in your purple pajamas (which I’m jealous of, BTW). It’s all too much. AMAZING SLICE 🙂


  2. Oh, this is the sweetest thing ever! My heart just melts! I hope they all go to bed on time so you and your husband can have your secret date night undisturbed. And re: the meeting– she’s very organized. I think I might need to bring emergency scrunchies to all my meetings henceforth. You never know when things might get so serious that you need a bun.

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