SOL 2020 30: social distancing—probably not almost over

I woke up this morning from my week “off” due to spring break. Today I officially had to be ready to work and available for most of the day. The kids were still asleep when I reached for my phone to check the time.

Just before 7:00am.

Technically, I don’t have to be available until 8 or even 9 depending how I set my hours. But I was up so I might as well get to work. I note my schedule. I have 10am, 12:00pm, and 1:30pm video conference calls. I check out my reflection in the mirror.


My bathroom is clearly broken. Someone as pregnant as I am certainly shouldn’t have so much gray hair. That isn’t even fair. And did I age 10 years in the last 2 weeks?

Quite possibly.

I needed to do something. I remember my mom telling me after THE flood that I needed to do something. She made me put on my face and I felt so much better.

So today I did what I had not done in over 2 weeks. I put on some eyebrows. Those of you who know me in real life may have had the opportunity to see me without my eyebrows. There was a time I wouldn’t think of leaving my house without them. But as I have aged and given thought to my appearance and the self care that goes into keeping it up, I’ve ventured out more and more frequently bare faced. But today I tossed on some brows, try to cover the circles under my eyes, added a little blush, and even brushed on some mascara. Then I did the unthinkable. I put on a real bra. Not the pull-over-your-head-doesn’t-even-count-because-your girls-are-still-running-wild kind of a bra. But one with a clasp.

I made myself a cup of coffee and started my day. Emails were starting to come in.

What’s my password?

How do I do this?

What is Google Meet?

Am I allowed to do that?

In recent weeks my role has morphed into something totally different. I’m supporting staff with their technically issues much more than students with their assistive technology. And in times like these, I’ll do whatever is needed. So I tried to make it through my inbox before the kids awoke.

I’m blessed with late sleepers.

McKenna pads out of her room around 8:15. We snuggled a little before getting George and making breakfast.

I should have know the way George snuggled in after his diaper change. I definitely should have known after he didn’t eat any breakfast. At all. I put on a movie for McKenna in my room and a few minutes after 10, George and I got onto our first meeting. It was interrupted by every mom’s worst nightmare.


My poor boy was sick. A change of clothes and we say down for the rest of the meeting. His little body quickly began to heat up against mine. Some Tylenol and more snuggles through the meeting and he was starting to cool off. But not before another puking episode.

Then McKenna called from the bathroom with an upset tummy just in time for my 12pm meeting.

This is not the day I was hoping for when I put on my eyebrows this morning.

Naptime came and George passed out. McKenna cuddled on the couch while I finished up meetings. We were all wiped. No one was at their best today regardless of appearances and our best intentions.

There was way too much screen time and not nearly enough interaction. No one ate well and everyone feels like poop. Pun intended.

Hopefully this is just a quick sick running through the house. We haven’t left our home in over two weeks so I have no idea how these two got sick. Tomorrow is another day.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.



  1. Oh my, certainly not the day you expected, these days we don’t know what to expect. Your opening made me feel a little guilty that I haven’t put on any makeup in three weeks. I would probably feel better if I did. Thanks for the nudge. Hope your kids feel better tomorrow!


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