SOL 2020 28: social distancing day…I don’t remember

Like last week, the only thing that I’m differentiated today from any other is that my husband was home. All the days are blending. I’m beginning to see how everyone loses track of days when they are retired.

I had intended to do the grocery shopping today. But a Saturday afternoon at the grocery store during a pandemic sounded like pure torture. And probably not the smartest idea for a 26 week pregnant woman.

Sure. I could send my husband. But let’s just say it’s a lot more work when he goes. I do the cooking. And if I need to improvise, especially since grocery stores are so picked over, it’s a million times easier if I just do it myself.

So I did make a plan looking at what we had in the freezer for meat and then considering what my pregnant self can tolerate.

Twenty-six weeks along and I still have food aversions. Throwing up happens less frequent now but it still happens.

Then I made a list of what we need: fresh fruit and veggies, milk, eggs, butter and the like. Pretty much all the things we will all be fighting over at the market. Then I filled in with what I can make a meal from. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 4 of us. While working. This is getting old.

I got a jump start on the week by making a big batch of cinnamon vanilla pecan steel cut oats and a batch of some delicious chicken salad. The kids won’t touch it but Aaron and I are set for the week. That’s literally half the battle right there.

So tomorrow I plan to get up early and visit my local store during those hours when it is reserved for the vulnerable. I’ll grab what I need, get home, put it away and shower, hopefully before the kids are even awake. Who knows if I’ll be able to get what I need or if I will be making this up as I go along. Chances are good that I will be winging another week.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.



  1. I find it so hard to plan what I’ll need at the store now that all 5 of us are home all of the time. It’s such a crazy time. I’m glad you didn’t go today though – everyone on facebook was talking about how crazy the grocery store was today!


  2. We’ve definitely found that early morning at the store works better. When I sent my husband out last weekend on Saturday morning early, we discovered that was when the store was finishing restocking, and they had mostly everything in (even toilet paper, for the first time in a month!). It’s interesting that all the fresh stuff is what is being fought over in your area. Generally here it is the dry goods (rice, flour, sugar, canned and dried beans) and the prepared food, but usually not the fresh ingredients. May you have a productive and healthy trip to the store early tomorrow!


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