SOL 2020 20 with Five Minute Friday: tomorrow

If there is one thing that I have learned in my life, it is that tomorrow is never guaranteed.  And in these uncertain times, although I am certain there we will be a tomorrow, it may not look the way today looked.  It will definitely not look like last month looked.

It is day 7 of social distancing for us.  And each tomorrow has brought a new restriction.  Whether it is raining so we cannot go outside or I am testing Zoom, we are all learning this new normal together.  It is frustrating and scary.  We aren’t really sure what is going to happen and when things will finally get back to normal.

If I am to go by our govenor, I would say that many tomorrows from now, on April 8th, we may start feeling a bit more like ourselves.  We are on a stay-at-home order until then.  We will continue to social distance and only leave our home for daily fresh air, grocery shopping when absolutely necessary, and doctors’ appointments.

We are all starting to crave interaction from the outside world.  A FaceTime session from my aunt yesterday proved that.  I think we are all trying to find ways to connect:  Facebook Groups, text or instant messaging, frequent phone calls, FaceTiming have become our lifelines.  Who knew that our hobbies would turn into our only way to remain connected to the outside?

It is starting to feel like a creepy Netflix series up in here.

My Grandma use to day tomorrow never comes.  It took me until I was older to realize that it is never actually tomorrow because tomorrow turns into today at the stroke of midnight.  But hopefully, our tomorrow comes sooner rather than later.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.

I am participating in FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY.  Today’s word is:  less

The rules are simple. Write for five minutes flat. There is no extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. It is unscripted. Unedited. Real



  1. It really don’t mean much to me,
    the ‘isolation’ scene.
    It’s my recent history;
    I’m on the hard routine.
    Cancer has locked down my days,
    haven’t been out in a year,
    but is just the way it plays,
    and I don’t have to fear
    the need to keep my motivation
    and my focused thinking,
    even though this situation
    might send some blokes a-drinking.
    I’ve lost my freedom and my voice,
    but happiness is still my choice.

    #1 at FMF this week.


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