SOL 2020 Day 1: some things never change

Some things never change.

Sung by Anna, Elsa, Hans, and Olaf.

This is the soundtrack of my day. With the exception of a quick post over the summer, I haven’t written since slicing a full year ago. In that time SO. MUCH. HAS. CHANGED. If you are a return reader, you’ll hear all about it in the coming weeks.

McKenna spent the night with her cousin and has a full blown sleepover hangover. She’s cranky and hungry and sleepy and full of distain for her mother. George is a full blown nap fighting toddler. And mom and dad just want some peace and quiet.

Enter Frozen 2. Recently acquired, it’s been watched no less than a dozen times since Friday. Its catchy and haunting music on repeat went from sing-along status to barely tolerable in just 48 hours. McKenna has been wearing her Elsa costume so much that it may need to be burned when she finally tires of it. And the glitter trail it has left throughout the house will probably remain forever. Even George has begun quoting Olaf with his adorable recognizable only to Mama dialect.

All kids go through these phases. Parents can only hope they can be short lived. Although I’m enjoying the fact that the kids are entertained, I’m not sure how much I can take.

This year, like all others, I would love to promise that I will be writing everyday. I will try. But I’m committing to 2-3 days a week because…life. Looking forward to catching up with some of my old favorites and to find some new ones. Happy writing.

I am writing for the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge.



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