SOL Day 31:

I’ve written every day. For better or for worse, I have done it. It was both easier and harder than I expected. Some days words flowed out of me without delay. Other days, I grasped for something–anything–to write about.

I’ve shared about my kids A LOT as well as my struggles to have them. I shared about my daily life as a working mom and now student. I shared about friends and family and even coffee.

I was sure I would have nothing to say. I was sure that no one would want to read the daily musings of a boring wife-mom-teacher-student. But you all surprised me.

You welcomed me into your community and encouraged me to dig deep.

To helped me to find my voice.

I developed a rhythm in my writing I didn’t know possible. My process was simple. I would keep notes on my phone as something sparked a slice. Like virtual post-it notes, these scraps inspired my writing one idea at a time. I would write on my phone whenever the opportunity presented itself: while rocking George or watching a show with McKenna, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or the Chinese restaurant across from class. I would clean everything up after the kids went to bed and post later. It’s not a perfect system, but right now it’s the best I have.

I found a piece of myself as I wrote. I didn’t know that piece was locked away somewhere deep inside me. I wasn’t expecting to share as much as I did. I had set a personal goal of writing three times a week. I never imagined that I would write daily…and complete strangers would seek me out. I didn’t expect for people to readily comment and then give me feedback to make me a stronger writer than ever before. I’m proud that I reached and surpassed my goal. I’m proud that I found new people to read and I plan to continue following after we have all finished slicing until next year.

This new community I have found, a community of writers were I am now a writer, has meant so much to me over the last month. I look forward to joining the community again next slice season.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



  1. I found a piece of myself as I wrote. – AHH! Yes, this my friend is what it’s all about. Being part of a community and finding pieces of you that you may not have even known existed. The beauty of writing. CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishment- yes, you are a writer!!


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