SOL Day 29: stir crazy

Sometimes I crave adult interaction. After a week home with both kids, I’ve realized, yet again, I am not programmed to be a stay at home mom. I have two modes: go go go or couch potato. My kids weren’t built for go go go. We tried the zoo and Ikea this week and I immediately regretted it–no nap equals crabby kids. Couch potato isn’t doing anyone, or my messy house, any favors. A day in Mama’s Bed usually means juice and crumbs left behind.

I’m going a little stir crazy over here.

An afternoon in Mama’s Bed ☝️

A morning at Ikea ☝️

I miss the daily contact I had with my colleagues. I miss shooting the breeze over lunch and gabbing in the hallways. I miss talking and not just singing all damn day. How many verses does Wheels on the Bus have anyway?! I miss current events and quiet coffee at my desk. I don’t think I’ve even finished a cup of coffee this week.

I just found a Dunkin cup in the fridge…from last Saturday. OMG!

I miss eating lunch and not just snacking on whatever McKenna left behind.

Although I wish I could find a balance of Stay At Home Mom and Working Mom, it seems like I will forever have to choose one over the other. For now, Working Mom keeps me sane. I’ve lost my marbles home all week. Maybe it is the sleep deprivation or maybe it is the lack of caffeine, but I’m just not myself.

I’ll be seeing all my work ladies on Monday and I’m A-OK with that!

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



  1. It’s s fine line. You will probably look back and say “how did my kids grown so fast? I miss that time when they wanted to lay all over me and sleeping in your bed. The baby stage and toddler stage goes so quickly. Cherish these moments. Work will always be there but babyhood will not. Trust me when I say “Enjoy every bit of the now with your children. This is the best of the best”. Work is great and it provides adult time but there is nothing more creative and challenging and rewarding as a stay at home Mom. It’s easy to go to work. It’s a full time and way more to be a stay at home Mom. My hat goes off to all New Mom’s who can balance both work and kids. It’s so hard for Moms. They have a real challenge weather they go off to work or stay at home. Moms do it all!! Love all the Moms out there and wish the best for you all. Love your kids and love your jobs. The flip side is all an education of teaching our kids to love what their Moms and Dads do for a living. Show them the appreciation of having a career.and all the hard work it takes . So it’s all a life lesson to our kids. They are our future!
    Karyn I love your column here. Makes you think and see both sides of everything. Happy Easter.💕💕💋


  2. Nah, you’re normal. You’re better at it than most. If you won’t give yourself credit, I will. I actually know you and your kids, so I win. You’re awesome. They’re exhausting. All littles are. Run away, work, drink, do whatever it takes to keep on breathing. Daily adult interaction is great and when you can’t there’s always podcasts with one earbud in. That was my balancing act for a while there. F’n Daniel Tiger and I could only handle 8 minutes in the same room tops before one of us got hurt. Thank god for bluetooth is all I’m sayin’


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