SOL Day 22: blank

There’s this 60 seconds in the shower that I let my mind go blank. Have you ever spent 60 full seconds washing your face? It’s longer than it seems. Like excruciatingly long. Try it. You’ll be shocked.

Aaron bought be a Clarisonic the Christmas before we got married. It miraculously survived the flood and continues to still cleanse away. I use it with each shower, allowing it to clean away the stress and clear my mind skin of unwanted clutter.

Some days, it is the only 60 seconds I get to myself. It is the only time I can allow my mind to turn off and just be. The rest of my day is jam packed with decisions and plans so much so that frequently those thoughts invade even my nightly dreams. It’s easy to let yourself get lost in your own head.

But for those 60 seconds, I am not Mom or wife or Mrs. B. I am blissfully unaware of anything and everything. I look forward to being blank, if only for a minute.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



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