SOL Day 20: the Monday-est Monday

Yesterday. Was. A. Monday.

It was the Monday-est Monday ever.

I knew it was going to be a doozy when Baby was up half the damn night. After crawling out of bed and actually remembering to put on my eyebrows, I went to wake up Big Sister…who had wet through her diaper. Nothing like wrestling a fitted sheet at 6:15am to get you going.

Coffee. Yes. Coffee. Except my last travel mug not currently in my Dirty Mug Office Desk Collection smelled FUNKY. Stopping at McDonald’s for coffee on the way to school would have to do since we didn’t even have a damn Coca Cola in the house.

Except wouldn’t you know it, I cannot find my wallet. After I already order. Thinking I left it on the counter or in the diaper bag as I do at least once a week, I dig around in my purse for my secret stash. Which happens to be a $50 that the McDonald’s cashier side eyes me about. Until…the woman recognized the look of desperation in my eyes as McKenna was starting to get rowdy in the back. Coffee should help repair this day.

Until we arrive at daycare only to discover the rash that George had last night and seemed to have clear before we left the house, flared somewhere between there and here. I just cannot win. Off to the doctor we go after I teach my morning classes. I have to take a half day off.

I’m sure you’re thinking that things couldn’t get much worse. You would be wrong. The doctor wants to switch George to an allergy friendly (re: SUPER EXPENSIVE) formula nicknamed liquid gold by some moms I talked to. And when I brought George back to daycare, the teacher looked at me with pity when she had to tell me that McKenna was running a low grade fever.

That’s it.

We are going home to the blanket fort…er…my bed. Only my day doesn’t get to end there. I had class in the city. The babysitter readily volunteers to rush to my house 40 minutes from school so I can rush to the city 45 minutes away in time for me to make my 5pm class. But then there’s traffic on 55 on the way into the city. Wouldn’t you know it.

But I’m trying to be an optimist. So here goes: George is generally happy regardless of the rash that keeps creeping up on his little tummy (and arms and hands and legs and feet). And McKenna’s fever never made it higher than 99.8* which means she can go to school tomorrow. And the babysitter was SO kind to come rushing home when I’m sure she had stuff to get done in her classroom. And I got really good parking. And a classmate brought me egg rolls! Egg rolls, people.

Egg. Freaking. Rolls.

And someone else brought chocolate to class! And we got out 20 minutes early. And there was no traffic on the way home. And my husband had straightened up the kitchen and folded the laundry. And I went to bed before 10pm. And Spring Break starts Friday at 2:40.

Still. I want a Monday redo.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



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