SOL Day 17: so very busy

On days like today when I feel like I just don’t stop, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I tried to streamline things a little by prioritizing. We needed food for the week but I had yet to meal plan and make a list. I just CANNOT do the store without a list. So I sat with my recipe book phone in hand to knock out the planning and list making while feeding a baby and trying to drink a cup of coffee. Us moms know how to multitask.

Knowing I had a lot on my plate, I decided to treat myself to an instacart grocery delivery since I had a coupon and a LONG list. We have Sir George’s baptism next week and lots to stuff still on that list to purchase. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to see everything was delivered and thoughtfully packed with ease of putting away in mind. I liked this girl and asked if there was a way to request her in the future.

Bummer. There’s not. But I can see myself getting hooked on this little treat!

I settled in to do a midterm and some homework for a different class with yet another cup of coffee while working at my desk. I’m so glad we decided to add a little work area to the basement. It’s been very helpful with grad school starting this semester.

Luckily I had thought ahead when shopping LAST week to pick up the fixing for our traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner. Just as I was closing up shop in the basement, the timer on the crockpot went off to remind me to make the potatoes and carrots. Does anyone else boil them together then fork mash them with butter, salt and pepper? Vivid memories of my mom doing that for all six of us kids–to the point that she said screw it one year and took out the hand mixer!

I would like to say that my day ended there but I still had to fit in a run to Target and make a meal to drop off for a family member. It’s almost 10pm and I am just sitting down to slice…with a feeding baby in my arms again.

This kid never stops eating.

I have nothing to say except that I managed to muddle through another long day. I’m looking forward to spring break if I can survive this week at school. Hopefully I will have more time to slice something a bit more slice worthy than my boring daily routines. Until then, this will have to suffice.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



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