SOL Day 11: Sundays are for family

Sundays are for family.

We usually sleep in as late as two kids will sleep, cuddle up in Mom and Dad’s…all four of us, have a big lazy breakfast, watch a movie or two in our PJs, head over to visit great Grandpa, and have dinner at his favorite restaurant.

Sundays are for family.

Sundays are also for laundry. And cleaning. And grocery shopping. And meal prep. And kids’ baths. And homework.

Sundays are for family.

So how do we mesh together the fun of family time with the responsibility of…life? I shop with a toddler and she gets to choose what fruit to buy…as well as a bag of chips or box of crackers or both! I’ll hand her a rag and let her polish up a table right beside me. She helps to switch the laundry while little man is the cloths folding supervisor lounging among piles and piles of clean cloths. Husband helps me unpack groceries while toddler helps me cook. We each take a kid to bathe or shower. And husband spends quality time with both kiddos while I do homework.

Sundays are for family.

We all need to balance family and responsibility. There is no doubt about that. Luckily we have figured out what works best for us so that we can fit a little extra family into our work.

Sundays are for family.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



  1. Your first born and mine are complete opposites. Sundays were for survival in my house back then. Every one was like the worst American Ninja Warrior eps ever. You got a good one! Love the pic and the whole concept of balance as the most important part in managing family..and life! (great delay with that line btw)


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