SOL Day 4: germ factory

I hear the cough from my own bed. How can someone so small cough so much? It’s been nicknamed by some of the PTA moms the daycare kennel cough. They all have it.

Every. Single. Kid.

It’s so annoying. As soon as we kick it, another round of gross comes rolling on through. McKenna was back in daycare fulltime for exactly 3 days before Influenza A took her out. Took out Dad, too. One week later, George brought home the plague that traveled from him to Dad to Mom and hit a couple of visiting friends along the way. That one was a doozy. It came on quickly. Legit…out of no where. I started to get some texts and FB messages from some of the daycare moms. Everyone was a little frantic. It was 3, no 5, no…even more babies all sick. It eventually wiped out the whole baby room.

This is what happens when your kids are in daycare. The first year and a half sucks. Just google search daycare germ memes. There are plenty!

Then your kid is so healthy you start only seeing the doctor for well checks. They’ve built an immunity that will serve us well come kindergarten. We used to count our visits to the doctor in the amount of rubber ducks we had collected for the bathtub. Our collection was HUGE for a while. Then McKenna hit a patch of no gross sickness for a good year and a half.  No more duckies

Really! It was amazing.

One baby brother and that all changed. We haven’t been truly germ free in weeks. I need someone to germ bomb the house. I had suggested burning it down and starting over but Aaron was not so keen on that idea.

Perhaps once the weather breaks we will catch a run of healthy weeks. If not, there’s always summer. Sooner or later something will have to give. Right?

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



  1. Every. Single. Kid. Perfection!
    I love the content, I love the imagery, and I love the memes that had me chuckling over my coffee this morning! It is so true too….I keep telling myself that the kids will have perfect attendance in Kindergarten because they have now had all the diseases from their time sharing germs with their Pre-School besties!


  2. Oh my do I remember those days! People would ask me about my sick days and if they were all missing due to maternity leave. I’m like “nope- the baby is in daycare- enough said!” I feel your pain. Enjoy some clean fresh air today. Good luck with the banishment.


  3. Good luck with that! Today I am airing out my house, even though it is still pretty cold, because I feel like there is a slight possibility I can eradicate all the coughing germs. We are generally really healthy, but it’s been a month since there was nobody coughing at our house.


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