Day 22: excuse me



I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge

I think all parents hope their little ones are kind and polite.  With that in mind, we have been teaching McK the magic words please and thank you.  She does very well and even tosses in a you’re welcome every once in a while.  Last week she said, I’m sorry to her shoes because she put them on the wrong feet.  As a parent and a teacher, I couldn’t be prouder.

But honest question here:  when is it that kids start to think that farting is hysterical?  Apparently it somewhere between not noticing it happened and being embarrassed you let one loose.  And that time is right about now in Casa Boss.  McK thinks that passing gas is the funniest thing to ever happen.  She likes to do it just so she can laugh about it.  This is why we’ve been working on excuse me.

Here is where things get extra funny.  A couple weeks ago, McK let one rip as I was getting her ready for bed.  She naturally decided that it required an extended giggle.

McK, say excuse me.  You tooted.

My not yet two year old then coined what is quickly becoming our most repeated phrase.

Excuse me toot.

She’ll squeeze one out just so she can say it.  And I break down in fits of laughter every time.  I’ve tried to control myself but it takes me by surprise each time.  And this doesn’t just happen at home.  Oh no.  She’ll say it at the grocery store, at tumbling…doesn’t matter.  I even heard about it from a couple of her teachers.  They thought it was just as funny as I do.

I appreciate her enthusiasm to use manners.  But this is getting out of control.  Perhaps it is time to teach her a new phrase or two.  I’m just worried what she will morph it into.





















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