Day 21: surprises



I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge


There are those surprises that you don’t want to hear about.  You have a flat tire.  Your kid’s school is calling because she has a fever.  You cannot find your keys on a day when you are already running late. Murphy’s law always seems to catch up to you making a sticky situation even stickier.

Then there are those surprises that just put a smile on your face the whole day through.  You won a mini photo shoot for your daughter.  The person in the car in front of you bought your coffee.  You woke up to find you actually have another hour and a half to sleep.

I love those kinds of surprises.  They don’t happen regularly.  Unfortunately the unwanted surprises seem to fill our days so much more often.  But when they do…they will have you on cloud nine.  People will ask why you are smiling.  They will note that you look extra happy today.  These happy occasions makes the unwanted seemingly disappear.  Today I am smiling and I am thankful for it.
























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