Day 19: family days

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge

I always enjoy a day spent as a family. Today we three snuggled together during the way to early hours before tiptoeing out to the brightness of the living room. 

Breakfast was eaten and cleared before late morning naps overtook two of the three. Then we were off and running to a twin birthday party. 

It is not often that we get to enjoy this kind of day. Grocery shopping and laundry and housework and house space work needs to get done. When we do, I soak it up because who knows when the next will be scheduled. 

When the new house is complete and our biggest weekend projects include cutting the grass, there will be more time for family days. Until then, I will make do with the rare days like today. 



  1. Family days are the best. Love your sentiment here. I wish it slowed down to just grass cutting but maybe it’s the boys breaking everything and having the energy of human Red Bulls, it never slows down… Can’t wait to see the new house!


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