Father’s Day


My Dad at my wedding: this smile complete captures his personality. My Dad at my wedding: this smile complete captures his personality.

I have always been a Daddy’s girl.  There are stories of when I was a baby when I would watch TV curled up in my dad’s arms completely content.  Apparently he was the one who could get me sleep.  My dad is a pretty awesome guy.  He is patient, kind, and oh-so-generous.  He is always willing to help his family and friends no matter what the problem.  I remember him calling me when our home was flooded telling me he was standing in our living room.  He was the first one in the house after the terrible flood.  You could hear the compassion in his voice as he viewed the destruction.

Now is the only living parent I have left.  He is grandfather AND grandmother to all of his five grandchildren.  It is a huge responsibility.  He is taking it in stride, I am sure a bit overwhelmed.  This Easter, he lovingly chose candies and gifts for each of his grandchildren working off a list we prepared together.  He came home so proud of his purchases and couldn’t wait to bag them all up with the dreaded Easter grass.  I think it was the first time he had to do this type of thing.  I am sure it was bittersweet:  proud of his accomplishment but saddened he had to do it on his own.  It gave him confidence that he could do this.  He may need a little help but he is able to carry on the traditions started by my mom.

This Father’s Day we are separated…he is celebrating with the rest of the family while the hubby and I are celebrating with his dad and grandpa.  Although I am not there, I am wishing him the happiest of Father’s Days.  He is truly the kindest man I know.  I am proud to call him Dad.



  1. The hour you were born your Dad called the house and said he had ‘another beautiful baby girl’. Even with raising 6 kids he has done an incredible job with each and every one of you. Thinking of you all today 💞


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