2023 SOL: 7 phoning it in

These little computers in our hands are specifically designed to suck you in. I remember when they first were announced I said I would never want to merge my phone with my iPod. I felt like it was putting all my eggs in one basket. What would happen if you lost it?

Yet here I am many years later using my phone to do…literally everything. If I cannot do it from my phone, I am likely not doing it.

Pay a bill?  Get my phone. 
Order food? Open the app?
What’s the weather? Let me check.
Who won the game? I have the score right here.

Getting out my actual computer, which is literally a fraction of the size of the computers of yore, seems like a gargantuan feat. Getting out of my bed to do it is impossible. It’s just not happening. Especially if it is after 7:30 pm.

How did this one piece of glass and microchips become the single most important thing I own? This past summer I lost my phone. Somewhere between my car and my house. I was in the garage. It seems like that couldn’t happen and yet somehow it did. The phone was in airplane mode. I scoured my car. I dumped out my purse. Twice. I cried tears of frustration. It had vanished.

I had no other choice but to go buy a new phone the next day. Luckily I was rocking an 8+ while the 13 had already been released. it was time anyway. But still the need of having to do it immediately sent me into a panic. I completed my transaction and I was relieved to see my data downloading onto my new device. I went on my merry way.

My new pretty blue phone.

About a mile from AT&T, I heard my new phone ringing a familiar yet incorrect ringtone. It was alarm tone. Yet I hadn’t set an alarm yet. Did my alarms carry over to my new phone? And why was it going off at 1:43 in the afternoon? I pulled over and pulled my new phone from my purse. It was not alarming or ringing. My purse was.

How could that be? I dumped it out twice. I checked every pocket and zipper. I dumped it again. Empty yet still ringing. I turned the lining inside out.

That’s when I saw it. A huge hole in the lining and a weighted rectangle singing it’s song in the middle. So although my 8+ was close to becoming a relic, it was still perfectly functional. I was fine to continue using it. Yet I had literally just spent $500+ to replace the handheld computer I could not live without. For even 24 hours.

My old phone moments after I found it.

I guess that will tell you how much I rely on this technology I was so hesitant to embrace not all that long ago.

I am writing for the 16th annual Slice of Life challenge presented by Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Oh my goodness, it was right there! I can relate to finding the laptop cumbersome compared to the phone. Fortunately you didn’t have to go through the worry of someone else picking up your old phone. They have become so easy to rely on for every waking moment.

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