Day 6: Mommy-itis



I am writing for the Two Reading Teachers March Writing Challenge. 

On Mondays, McK gets to spend the day with her Dada.  He works four ten hour days in a row so that he has Monday off with our little one.  He works hard so he can play hard.  We consider it a gift that he can do this.

But our little arrangement makes this working Mama feel extremely guilty.  He gets to have an entire day just the two of them.  He gets to do all the things that I want to do without the hustle and bustle of the weekend getting in the way.

Today was especially hard.  You see, as I was leaving the house, McK started crying…the extremely fake kind of cry that reassures you nothing is really wrong.  It is not that she doesn’t love her Dada days.  It’s just that she has a bad case of Mommy-itis lately.  All she wants is to be near me.  Like RIGHT NEXT to me always.  In the bathroom.  In my bed.  On the couch.  In my lap.  At the stove.  She is constantly under my feet.

And I kinda love it…most of the time.  When she wants her Mama, it makes me feel loved and needed.  I feel awful leaving her when she is sniffling for me.  And today I just wanted to scoop her up and keep her close.  I wanted to get cozy on the couch and watch Mickey Mouse before heading to the park.  I wanted to snack on Kix cereal and watermelon and sneak crackers.

It will have a wait for another day.  Spring break is coming and summer won’t be far behind.  We will explore our new neighborhood and find all the best parks.  We will hit up the zoo on a weekly basis and have play dates with all our friends.  We will go to the pool and swim until we are waterlogged.  Or…we will be lazy.  Our plans are not set in stone but I know that I won’t have to leave her daily.  That makes me extra happy.



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