What Baby Wants…

Probably not a big shocker to most, but I am pregnant.  I’m about 26 weeks along on this new adventure.  I have been blessed.  I feel great.  I haven’t had the dreaded morning sickness or complete exhaustion.  It’s been a rather uneventful pregnancy so far. This must be a gift from my mom for sure.

***excuse me while I look for something wooden to knock on***

To answer a few questions:
1. I am due April 10.
2. We are not finding out if we are having a boy or a girl–in a couple of years of bad surprises, this one will ALWAYS be a good. You’ll get a boy or a girl EVERY SINGLE TIME.
3. We have a couple of names picked out but we aren’t sharing…you’ll just have to wait.
4. No–we will not change our minds about finding out or sharing names.
5. I do not have any weird cravings–see below.

So about those cravings…nope.  Sure, I really love all things noodles: buttered noodles, spaghetti, a good casserole, mac & cheese, even ramen noodles will hit the spot–but I try not to indulge too often!  The cuties were especially delicious this year. I like orange juice a lot but I’ve had a cold for 5 months so that could have something to do with it. But nothing I feel the need to send my husband out looking for in the week hours of the morning has struck my fancy. Lucky guy.

However, this week, the baby told me a secret.  The little bug really wanted my grandma’s homemade pizza. Now, there are a few conflicting recipes for this one. My Aunt N SWEARS grandma used Jiffy Mix brand pizza dough. The rest of us all are certain it was Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix so that’s what I use. Regardless of what dough we use–we all agree on the ground beef. An odd pizza topping for sure, but it is what grandma always used, what my mom always used, and what I always use. As a kid, that was the only topping on the pizza besides the ooey gooey cheese layer. As an adult, we added canned mushrooms and even pepperoni.

I call this homemade pizza but let’s be real, it’s a box crust, a store bought sauce, and refrigerator toppings. But I assemble it myself and that’s good enough. I don’t remember if there was a certain sauce used, but I tend to buy the Cantadina sauce in the squeeze bottle so I can keep leftovers in the fridge.

Grandma’s Homemade Pizza

1 box PILLSBURY HOT ROLL MIX (sorry N–we all agree on this except you)
1 can, jar, bottle pizza sauce
12 oz cheese (motz, Italian blend, etc.)
1/3 lb ground beef
1 small can mushroom drained
Pepperoni (I like turkey pepperoni)
Salt and Pepper

Make the dough according the the directions on the box. You use 1 1/4 cup hot water and 3 tablespoons olive oil. Mix and knead according to the box.

Push your dough out into a cookie sheet (I don’t know why a cookie sheet–it’s just what we use).

Use a fork to poke holes all over the dough, cover with Saran Wrap and a towel. Let rise for 15 minutes. This is a good time to start preheating your oven to 425*.

Add your sauce and your toppings. Grandma and my mom always used the ground beef raw–this creeps me out. I get worried it will not cook through so I partially brown it while the dough is rising.

Top with cheese.

Sprinkle with oregano, salt and pepper liberally. This is also where Aunt N’s memory differs with mine and my moms. She puts the oregano under the cheese and I’m pretty certain she doesn’t use the salt and pepper but I could be wrong. The oregano definitely goes on top. I don’t know why–it just does.

Toss in the oven for 15-20 minutes. I like to put the broiler on for the last minute or two so the cheese browns a little. Since the mushrooms are a wetter ingredient, it prevents this from happening on its own.

Allow to rest for a few minutes before cutting into squares.

That’s it. A childhood memory come to life right at the kitchen island. That’s were most of my memories start. Just the scent of sown thing familiar can bring me back to when I first experienced it.





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