SOL21 Day 9: Tomorrow

There are days when you feel energized and empowered. And there are days when you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus.

Today was both. I was kicking butt all day. I got it all done. I worked hard and checked off my to do list like a boss. I even stayed late to get it all done.

Then I got home and it hit. I am just so tired. These days in the office when I’m not there nearly as often as I used to be need to be ultra productive. I need to get all the things done because I may not be back in for days. So I update iPads and write up reports. I meet with teachers to complete trainings. I schedule observations and arrange to have the right credentials. I return and make dozens of phone calls. I clear out my inbox the best I can. I get all the printing done and create my files. I organize my equipment cabinets and pull inventory. I run out to eat lunch in my car and grab something to drink just so I can get a bit of fresh air without a mask.

And when I get home, the kids are all over me from the second I walk through the door pull into the driveway. George literally met me at the car to tell me about his animal game as I was pulling all my stuff out so I could work at home tomorrow. Theo hadn’t slept all day and just wanted to be by Mama. And McKenna needed her piggy buns removed and to tell me all about her tornado drill.

I just wanted to pee, drink a big glass of water, and take a couple of Tylenol.

These long days in a mask give me a headache every time.

So I sit here in my bed listening to the TV show the kids are watching in the living room. The baby is curled up beside me while I try to decide if I want to eat something for dinner or just go to sleep. Aaron is making the all call for iPads to go onto the chargers and PJs onto kids who should have been in bed 20 minutes ago. We are both exhausted and I can hear that the kids are not exhausted at all.

Cutting the commute from my day tomorrow will give me back an hour and a half. I’ll use that to make dinner and spend some quality time with the kids. Hopefully Aaron can have some time off from bedtime site and maybe we can all eat dinner together.


Tomorrow is another day.

I am writing for the 2021 Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. You hit it right on the head! “There are days when you feel energized and empowered. And there are days when you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus…. Today was both.”

    This Slice completely resonated with me. Some days as soon as I walk through the door I am ready to crawl into bed. Just. So. Tired. But, our kids also revive us and remind us it’s not bedtime yet! haha


  2. Thank you for breaking down the craziness of teaching in a pandemic and being a parent. It is something that people assume can’t be that hard or don’t understand all the daily changes that occur (with your kids and work). I hope tomorrow is a bit simpler


  3. I feel ya there mama! My kids are constantly meeting me in the garage when I get home. And today when I got home, I even had to help her take her piggie buns out too! So I loved reading that part!

    Hope you can get some rest. And hope you get that quality time and dinner together you are hoping for.


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