SOL21 Day 8: a mom’s lullaby

It’s early. My alarm has not yet sung it’s waking song. But Aaron is up and out of the shower. He needs to get into the office today and I need to get ready for the cleaning lady, eLearning, and my own busy day of report writing, virtual trainings, and student observations over Zoom.

Theo sounds his own alarm signaling he is ready to be fed. I go to make the bottle while Aaron changes the diaper. Back when Theo couldn’t or wouldn’t hold his bottle, the two of us would snuggle back into bed while he ate. He would fall asleep against me drinking his breakfast while I drank in the precious scent of him. But it is cleaning lady day and much needs to be done. He holds his own bottle and I strip the bed. He does not fall back to sleep.

When most of the things have been prepped, he reaches for me. We settle into the couch. Me with my coffee and he with his green. This is a gift. At eight months old, he still likes to just sit on my lap and snuggle. I know this isn’t typical. Most little ones like to be on the go. I love this time of ours. You can tell he’s missing that extra morning snooze post bottle. He’s getting cranky and I unconsciously begin sing the Theo Song. It was made up with McKenna all those years ago. It morphed into the George Song and now I sing it for Theo.

I am not song writer and my voice is suitable only for singing to my children. But there is something about this song that has been comforting to all of my children regardless of my terrible voice. It is how each of them have learned their names. McKenna liked to sub in the names of family members and friends. I remember how shocked she was when everyone didn’t have the last name Bossenga. George likes me to change it to his favorite people so he can learn their real names. Ever try to explain to a kid that your name isn’t just mom? This song fixes that while teaching them that important information.

I’m sure you’re dying to know what this magical song is. It’s what is called a piggyback song. That’s a song with new lyrics sung to the tune of the original. This song piggybacks on Where is Thumbkin. My lyrics are simple:

I love Theo
I love Theo
Yes I do
Yes I do
I love Theo Bossenga
I love Theo Bossenga
I love Theo
I love Theo
actual footage of the magical song doing its thing

As soon as the first note leaves my mouth, Theo visibly starts to calm. His thumb moves into position and he snuggles in. Moments later he is asleep. This magical song is his cue to snooze. It is his comfort tune. And more frequently than not, it will induce a much needed nap.

I am writing for the 2021 Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. I love this so much. I am a singer so I knew I really wanted each of my kid to have a song of their own, written by their mama. So they do. Each is different. But both are loved.

    What a precious gift you’ve given your kids.


  2. Ohhh my goodness, this is so sweet! Love that thumb in his mouth, and the fact that your special song cues him to sleep! ❤ My youngest is now 2 and singing lullabies to her is still one of my favorite parts of the day (esp. since I know there won't be many more years of that!) In fact, I sliced about that just a couple days ago!


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