SOL Day 16: Are you kind?

Raising a daughter is tricky. You want her to feel comfortable in her skin. You want her to believe she can do anything. You don’t want her to feel that her self worth is measured on anyone’s ruler but her own. How do you do all that?

When I look at McKenna, I am sometimes blown away by her beauty. Her stunning blue eyes with her long golden locks frame her delicate features in a way that screams to be in a print ad for The Gap.

When I tell her she looks beautiful, I wonder if I am inadvertently tell her that’s ALL she is. We started a little game. Whenever I tell her she’s pretty, I follow it up with: and kind and smart and funny and strong and silly and friendly and clever and…

The list goes on and on. So when I told her that she looked beautiful the other morning, she immediately said and kind, Mama. Kenna is kind, too.

I not could be prouder of this child of mine if I tried. And I don’t think she will ever have any problems knowing that she’s more than the reflection in the mirror.

I am writing for the Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge



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